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School Plan for Student Achievement

School Plan for Student Achievement 

Executive Summary 


Pacific DriveSchool

Principal: Kelly Castillo, Ed.D. 

School Site Council Approval Date: November 8, 2021

State Program Funds:

LCFF Supplemental





Program Funds:

Title I

Economically Disadvantaged


Estimated Funds:

$ 197,554

$ 75,174

Estimated Funds:


School Mission/Vision

Pacific Drive Mission Statement: 

Pacific Drive fosters collaborative experiences where all students are inspired to reach their full potential as contributing members of a changing society through 21st Century Learning. 

Computer Science and Innovation Vision: 

The Pacific Drive Computer Science and Innovation program provides thematic computer science opportunities and collaborative experiences embedded at all grade levels for all students. This program fosters critical, creative, and computational thinking skills to support students academically, vocationally, and most important, personally. 

Dual Language Academy Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Fullerton School District's Dual Language Academy is for all students to reach high levels of academic achievement, develop biliteracy and bilingualism, and cultivate cross-cultural competencies needed in a multicultural society and global economy. 

School Achievement Goals

Major Initiatives, Actions, and Services to Improve Student Achievement

Goal 1: Student Achievement

  • All students will demonstrate proficiency or growth toward proficiency in ELA and Math 

  • Teacher Collaboration 
      • Weekly Planning time for teachers to collaborate in PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) through the support of a PE teacher and Instructional Assistant 
      • Release time for teachers to plan in teams
  • Classroom Support
      • Instructional Assistants for Kindergarten
      • Substitutes for support in class instruction
  • Research Based Supplemental Curriculum 
      • Digital subscription programs to support mathematics
      • iReady lessons in support of benchmark data
  • Targeted Interventions
    • Instructional Assistants for Intervention and LMB afterschool program 

Goal 2: Technology and Digital Literacy 

  • All students will have access to high-quality digital tools, resources, personalized learning technology, and professional learning to ensure that all students have opportunities to access engaging online instructional resources and can demonstrate digital informational literacy skills required for college and career success.

  • Student Engagement 
    • PBIS program 
    • Extracurriculars including Speech and Debate, Writers Guild, Codrone, Robot Nation, eSports 
  • Computer Science Pathway Supports 
    • Release time for collaboration among teachers 
    • TechSmart training & Implementation 
    • Upgraded Robotics Materials 
    • Access to upgraded classroom Laptops in 5th grade 
    • 1:1 Take home laptops in 6th grade 
  • Staffing 
    • Part time technician 
    • Additional hours for TMLA as needed 
  • Device Maintenance 
    • Cases, chargers, etc 
    • Repair for damaged devices

Goal 3: Safe and Secure Environment 

  • Pacific Drive will work to provide a safe and secure environment that promotes the physical, social, and emotional health and well-being of all staff and students.

  • Staffing 
    • Assistant Principal 
    • Mental Health Associate 
    • Campus Supervisors 
  • Materials 
    • PBIS Incentives 
    • Emergency/Disaster Supplies

Goal 4: Parent Engagement 

  • Pacific Drive will promote the engagement of all parents by creating a culture of inclusion through open and effective lines of communication and by providing families meaningful opportunities to support and celebrate student learning and cultures.

  • School Activities 
    • Full-time Bilingual Social Service Assistant to provide support with food, clothing, communication, and other resources 
    • “Dolphin Market” community food pantry 
    • School-wide communication via Seesaw 
  • Advisory and Advocacy Roles 
    • School Site Council 
    • ELAC and DELAC 
    • PTA 
  • Activities to Support Learning at Home 
    • PIQUE Parent Education Classes 
    • DEI and Literacy activities at ELAC meetings 
    • Kid Healthy wellness classes and physical education lessons for parents 
    • SSOAR Saturday School Coding College Program 
    • After school intervention programs 
    • LindaMood-Bell intensive reading support class